About Us

Our Philosophy

"Partners in Development"

Injaz Development is deeply inspired by powerful partnering bonds, where we see our future as inseparably tied to those of our partners. Our partnership begins with understanding your needs by listening carefully and identifying your current challenges, which is a key to align our expertise most effectively with your learning and development goals. We build mutually beneficial partnerships by offering development solutions that will deliver full value across the entire duration of our partnership.

"What we train is how we train"

At Injaz, our team of consultants, trainers and other professionals truly strives to deliver a fully immersive learning experience.

Our development methodologies and course materials are designed to keep all our course participants fully engaged. After all, learning can only be retained when it is put into use and this is why our development is about more than theory – it is based on methods that involve people and bring knowledge into operation. This is also how we ensure improvement in a candidate’s performance.

We hope that Injaz is contributing to the future of the Sultanate – by shaping the future managers and leaders of Oman.